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Jun 23, 2023
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Are you ready to download one of the most exciting tools you should install on your smart mobile? Then try Goblin Tools. This is one of the most exciting applications with more delightful tools. In nature, Gobli Tools is a website that provides several types of simple and organized tools. AI powers all of those tools. If you download this one of the most cool applications, you can get it from the GetFreeAPKs site. Tap the link here, and it will take you to the official website. 

GetFreeAPKs is a beautiful online website that you can use to download apps, mod apps, and many other things. To download Goblin Tools, you can now use the GetFreeAPKS site by navigating the link. 

What are Goblin Tools?

goblin tools

Goblin Tools helps users deconstruct and reorder steps, and you can easily accomplish goals and quickly break down tasks; you can use it to assist other applications productively, and you can organize it by breaking it down into manageable steps. 

It was designed for typical users who have different strengths and challenges. However it is, this tool is helpful for several users.

Goblin Tools Provides

Goblin Tools assist users with asking management and help users make complex tasks into very easy ones. By the way, it helps to manage steps and makes it easier to stay organized and focused. This tool is beneficial for people who need help and are struggling with executive function challenges, such as those who have ADHD or autism.

Here, it increases productivity. When tools suit people, they can do things faster and better daily. Like, this Magic To Do thing can split tasks into small parts, so it’s easier to keep track of what needs doing.

Help for people with different brains: Goblin Tools is made for people whose brains work differently, like those with ADHD, autism, and other conditions. It wants to make a friendly place where everyone can use the tools efficiently.

The app and website are made simple to use so everyone can easily understand and use them. This is great for people who need help with other productivity tools.

About Goblin Tools APK

Goblin Tools included several types of mini tools. Let’s see what they are. 

  • MagicToDo is an all-rounder tool that lets you manage massive to-do lists that overwhelm you. MagicToDo helps you turn those extensive lists into smaller daily tasks so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Just put your list in, and even though it won’t do the tasks for you, it’ll make them seem more accessible to handle.
  • A formalizer is a handy tool that can change how your writing sounds with just one click. A formalizer can help you make an email and a story or anything. It’s good at adjusting the tone from casual to formal and everything in between.
  • If you need clarification on the feeling and message of a piece of writing, try Judge. It will explain the emotions, purposes, and style of any text. Handy for giving feedback to students on their writing!
  • The Estimator is like a time wizard. How long will something take? No worries here. The only thing you have to do is tell it about your task, and it’ll give you an estimate of how much time you’ll need. Perfect for planning your day!
  • When you have lots of different ideas and info scattered around, Compiler is here to help. It’s like a super organizer! This tool gathers all your thoughts and notes and puts them together in a way that makes sense. It can even add them straight to your MagicToDo list!
  • Chef is another exciting option in Goblin Tools. The chef comes to the rescue when you’re worn out and facing a fridge full of random stuff. Just tell it what ingredients you have, and it’ll suggest easy recipes. No need to stress about dinner after a long day!
  • GoblinTools is a fantastic bunch of AI helpers here to make your life as a teacher easier and more organized. Give them a chance to sprinkle magic into your teaching routine. 

How to use Goblin Tools?

It is very easy to use Goblin Tools. First, you have to create an account, and then you can use the tools there according to your requirements. You can easily customize your tools that very well fit to your preferences. As an example, you can set the spiciness level for this magic-to-do tool, and you can easily have an idea about 

  1. To use Goblin Tools, create an account and use the tools most relevant to your needs. You can also customize the tools to fit your preferences. For example, you can set the “spiciness level” for the Magic To Do tool to determine how detailed you’d like the breakdown.
  2. The Goblin Tools are available for free. But there you can find a premium plan with more added facilities. The premium plan allows limited access and unlimited features. 
  3. Goblin Tools is a beneficial tool that uses innovative technology to make things easier for everyone. I use it to split tasks, organize my time, and get more done.

Download Goblin Tools

Download Goblin Tools is now available with us. Here, its compatibility is updated for all intelligent Android devices, iOS devices, and PC versions. From the GetFreeAPKs site, you can get the most extensive updated Goblin Tools file and directly download the application to your smartphone without messing up. 

From our official GetFreeAPKs website, you can download Goblin Tools. For that, now you have to follow simple instructions.   

  1. Step 01: First, you must visit the official website to start the process. To do so, you can use the app download link here. It will take you to the official site. 
  2. Step 02: Tap on the download button to begin the download process. This will take several seconds. 
  3. Step 03: Enable the Unknown Sources Option by opening settings > device’s security settings >enable the unknown sources option. This is a must before installing apps from outside the official app store.
  4. Step 04: Open your device’s download folder and tap to install the Goblin Tools APK file.
  5. Step 05: Tap on the “Install.” Wait for seconds until the installation process is complete. You’ll see the app icon on your device’s home screen at the end.

Goblin Tools for iOS

You can download Goblin Tools from our official site for iPhone or iPad users. Just go to GetFreeAPKs and get the latest version. To download it for iOS:

  1. Click the link above.
  2. Follow the instructions on your screen to download the app using your web browser.
  3. Once it’s done, wait a bit for the installation to finish.

And if you’re interested in getting Goblin Tools for PC, we also have that available!

Goblin Tools for PC

To download Goblin Tools on your PC, follow these steps:

  1. Step 01: Install an Android emulator on your PC. You can pick from options like BlueStacks, NoxPlayer, or LDPlayer.
  2. Step 02: Download the Goblin Tools APK file from our official https://www.getfreeapks.com/ website. Use the provided link.
  3. Step 03: Visit our GetFreeAPKs website to get the latest version of the game.
  4. Step 04: Follow the instructions on the website to download and install the game through the emulator.

Goblin Tools Download

Goblin Tools Mod APK

You must try the Goblin Tools mod update to get premium features for free. The original update included only limited facilities. To get unlimited access, you can try the mod version. 

Tips for Goblin Tools

Sure, here are some tips for using Goblin Tools:

  • Start with MagicToDo
  • Try Formalizer to change the tone of your writing
  • Get feedback from Judge
  • Estimate your time with Estimator
  • Stay organized with Compiler
  • Cook up something tasty with Chef
  • Customize Your Experience
  • Explore Integration Options
  • Stay Updated
  • Share with Others

The goal of Goblin Tools is to simplify and improve your productivity.

Frequently asked questions

01. How does the Magic ToDo tool work? 

The Magic ToDo tool helps break down tasks into smaller, more manageable steps. It automatically divides a task based on its “spiciness level,” which indicates the complexity or stress level of the task. Users can adjust this level to vary the degree of breakdown for each task​.

02. What does the Formalizer tool do? 

The Formalizer assists in adjusting the tone of written text. It can transform informal or emotionally charged text into more formal or neutral expressions, making it suitable for professional or sensitive communications​​.

03. Can Goblin Tools help with meal planning? 

Yes, the Chef tool within Goblin Tools allows users to input ingredients they have on hand, and it suggests possible recipes. This is particularly helpful for quick meal planning without consulting multiple sources or recipes​.

04. Is there a cost to using Goblin Tools?

 The web version of Goblin Tools is free to use and intends to remain ad-free. A mobile app is also available for a small fee, which supports the maintenance and development of the free web tools​.

05. How does the Estimator tool function? 

The Estimator helps in planning by providing time estimates for tasks. This can be particularly useful for scheduling and time management, especially when unsure how long a task might take​.

06. Are there any plans to improve Goblin Tools? 

While Goblin Tools is already quite functional, improvements are ongoing, especially in enhancing the AI models used in the backend. This aims to increase the accuracy and helpfulness of the tools provided​.

07. How secure is data synchronization with Goblin Tools? 

The app allows for synchronization across devices through a unique username and password. All data is encrypted, ensuring only the user can access their information. However, synchronization takes time and might take seconds to update across devices.


Goblin Tools is an all-in-one tool you should try for your smartphone. You can easily follow the link here if you plan to download it. It will let you quickly complete the app installation in seconds.

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