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Are you excited to try Red’s First Flight? Then, we have the latest update, and you can download Red’s First Flight APK directly from GetFreeAPKS’ official website. We provide you the direct app download link, and by following it, you can download Red’s First Flight for Android, iOS, and Windows.        

You should try Red’s First Flight if you are a game lover. This is a re-make game of the original Angry Birds game. If you are a diehard fan of the Angry Bird game, you should try Red’s First Flight! 

About Red’s First Flight 

Red's First Flight

The popular game is back with Red’s First Flight. It’s a puzzle game with all the original content remastered. But this time, you have to pay to play.

Unlike the sequel Angry Birds 2, Red’s First Flight brings back the favourite parts of the original game. This includes all the stages, hidden secrets, and extras. It also offers the Mighty Eagle DLC for free. With over 390 levels, it provides lots of replayability.

Angry Birds game was more prevalent among mobile game players in the beginning. Still, it is spread worldwide, and the remake of the game version, Red’s First Flight, gained more popularity than the older version. 

The original game was removed from app stores in 2019. The developer, Rovio, has focused on new spin-off games. However, the game is back with complete updates and a redesign of Rovio Classics: Angry Birds. Lately, it was known as Red’s First Flight.

About the GamePlay

Rebuilt from scratch, Red’s First Flight is a faithful remake of the original Angry Birds game that became a global sensation!

The Angry Birds’ survival is at risk. Take revenge on the greedy pigs who stole their eggs. Use each bird’s unique powers to destroy the pigs’ defences. Angry Birds offers challenging physics-based gameplay and hours of replay value. Each level requires logic, skill, and force to solve!

  • Enjoy fun and satisfying slingshot gameplay!
  • Play all 8 original Angry Birds episodes from 2012—over 390 levels!
  • Earn 3 stars on all levels and hunt for the Golden Eggs!
  • All the classic characters just as you remember them!
  • Call in the Mighty Eagle to crush those tough levels!
  • No in-app purchases!
  • No intrusive pop-up ads interrupting gameplay!

Features of Red’s First Flight

  • Fun Slingshot Gameplay: Enjoy the classic, satisfying slingshot action.
  • Original Episodes: Play all 8 original Angry Birds episodes from 2012, totaling over 390 levels.
  • Challenges and Rewards: Earn 3 stars on all levels and hunt for hidden Golden Eggs.
  • Classic Characters: You will find all the original characters as you remember them.
  • Mighty Eagle: This will help with challenging levels at no extra cost.
  • Free In-App Purchases: You can enjoy the entire game without needing in-app purchases.
  • Ad-Free Experience: No pop-up ads that disturn your gameplay.

Tips for Red’s First Flight

Know Your Birds:

  • Red: Basic bird, good for straightforward shots.
  • Blue: Splits into three smaller birds, effective against ice structures.
  • Yellow: Speeds up when tapped, ideal for breaking wood.
  • Black: Explodes on impact, great for destroying stone.
  • White: Drops explosive eggs, useful for vertical attacks.

Plan Your Shots:

  • Take a moment to study the structure and plan your attack.
  • Aim for weak points or structural joints to cause maximum damage.

Use the Environment:

  • Utilize elements like TNT crates and boulders to enhance your destruction.
  • Look for ways to trigger chain reactions for a more significant impact.

Golden Eggs:

  • Look for hidden Golden Eggs in levels; they unlock bonus content.

Maximize Stars:

  • Replay levels to improve your score and earn 3 stars.
  • Focus on minimizing the number of birds used and causing the most destruction.

Call the Mighty Eagle:

  • Use the Mighty Eagle to clear challenging levels. It’s especially helpful when you’re stuck.

Adjust Your Angle:

  • Experiment with different angles and power levels to find the best shot.
  • Sometimes, a high arc can hit targets more effectively than a straight shot.

Take Your Time:

  • There’s no time limit, so take your time to aim precisely.
  • Patience and precision often lead to better results than rushing shots.

Practice Makes Perfect:

  • Don’t get discouraged by challenging levels. Practice and learn from each attempt.
  • Observing the physics and reactions can help you devise better strategies.

Stay Updated:

  • Keep the game updated to benefit from bug fixes or new content releases.

How do you download and install Red’s First Flight?

Red’s First Flight comes with more exciting app features. There, you will find additional features rather than the original app. So, you will be able to find unlimited resources, unlocked levels, or customizations that are unavailable in the original game. 

To download Red’s First Flight, refer to our official website. is our official site, and it is the best and most recommended way to download several types of games, mod files, hacked versions, and many more. You can use the app download link here to download Red’s First Flight. It takes you to the official website, and then you can download Red’s First Flight apk in seconds. 

GetFreeAPKs is the most friendly website. That allowed you to download the latest Red’s First Flight version, and here, you only have to follow simple instructions.

You can use the link provided here to download Red’s First Flight. It takes you to the GetFreeAPK’s official website, where you can continue the process. 

  • Step01. To start the download process, tap on the app download link provided here. It takes you to the GetFreeAPKs website. There, you can see app versions. So select the supportive app version, and then you can directly download the apk file via your web browser. 
  • Step02. After the download, the downloaded apk file will be saved in your device download folder. 
  • Step03. Then, you have to enable your device download folder. This is a must. For that, open settings >Security settings > enable unknown sources option. 
  • Step04. Now, you have to open your device download folder. You must tap on the previously downloaded Red’s First Flight here. 
  • Step05. You have to tap on the install button and wait several seconds. You can see the app icon on your device’s home screen at the end of the process. 

Red’s First Flight for iOS

Apple users can now download Red’s First Flight’s iOS update. Just click the link mentioned above. You can get the iOS version for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch from the official site, GetFreeAPKs. It’s super easy to download the new version for the best experience. 

To get the application, you can browse the official site. Then, follow the instructions on the screen and wait several seconds. After that, wait a few seconds until the installation is completed. That’s it. 

Red’s First Flight for PC

This is not only for mobile devices; now, you can also try Red’s First Flight on your PC. To do so, you can follow these simple steps. But before all, you have to use a supportive Android emulator. Once you have the emulator, you can install the latest version of Red’s First Flight through the emulator application. 

To download Red’s First Flight apk file, visit our official GetFreeAPKs website. From there, you can download the latest app version easily. Follow the steps below to install the game via the emulator application on your PC. 

  1. Step01. Download and install an Android emulator on your PC. Here, you can use Nox Player. 
  2. Step02. Use the emulator to install the latest Red’s First Flight APK.
  3. Step03. Follow the instructions there to continue the installation process easily. 

Following these steps, you can quickly install the app on your PC without messing it up. 

Red's First Flight

Red’s First Flight Mod APK

Have you ever thought about Red’s First Flight Mod version? If you want modified app features or updated options than the original application, give a chance to Red’s First Flight Mod version. This is the most reliable way to get more exciting app features freely. 

We have updated Red’s First Flight Mod version, which you can get from GetFreeAPK’s official site.

Frequently Asked Questions

01. How do I play Red’s First Flight?

To play the game:

  1. Use simple touch controls to guide Red through obstacles.
  2. Tap to make Red flap her wings and hold to fly higher.
  3. Avoid obstacles and collect feathers to score points and unlock new levels.

02. Can I play Red’s First Flight without an internet connection?

Yes, the game can be played offline. However, it would help to have an internet connection to download game updates or make in-app purchases.

03. What are the minimum system requirements for Red’s First Flight?

The game requires Android 5.0 or iOS 10.0 or later. It is also recommended to have at least 1GB of RAM for optimal performance.

04. How can I save my game progress in Red’s First Flight?

Your game progress is automatically saved locally on your device. You can also connect to Google Play Games or Apple Game Center to save your progress in the cloud and synchronize it across multiple devices.

05. Are there any parental controls in Red’s First Flight?

Yes, the game includes parental control options that allow you to manage in-app purchases and regulate play time to ensure a safe gaming environment for children.

06. How do I report a bug or issue with the game?

If you encounter problems, report them through the “Support” section in the game’s settings menu. Please provide as much detail as possible to help our team address the issue efficiently.

07. Are there regular updates for Red’s First Flight?

We regularly release updates to introduce new levels, features, and improvements based on player feedback. Ensure your app is updated to the latest version to enjoy all new content.

08. How can I get tips and tricks for advancing in the game?

Visit the official game forum or check out the ‘Tips & Tricks’ section on the main menu. Additionally, you can follow us on social media for updates and gameplay strategies shared by the community and the developers.

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