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For users looking for a light-hearted and cartoonish tower defence game, Bloons TD 6 is the most supportive game. The best part is that we now have the latest Bloons TD 6 version. GetFreeAPKS is the most recommended unofficial third-party app store that you can use to download third-party apps easily. Users can download the newly updated Bloons TD 6 from here by following the app download link attached.  

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What is Bloons TD 6?  

Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6 is known as a popular tower defence game. It is famous worldwide, and millions of players gather around the game. The game was developed by Ninja Kiwi, who has already published it. The game was released on June 13, 2018.  It is the sixth main installment in the Bloons Tower Defense series.

The game is now available on multiple platforms. You can try it without messing if you are an iOS, Android, or Windows user. 

Basic Gameplay Mechanics

The main objective of this game is to prevent bloons from travelling along a predetermined path. Players must reach the exit by placing multiple towers that pop the bloons.

In the game, there you can find multiple types of towers. Each comes with unique abilities, and you have to upgrade your paths. For example, there, you can discover Dart Monkeys, Bomb Shooters, and Super Monkeys. Towers in the game can be upgraded in three different paths. This allows for customization and strategic depth.

Here,  Bloons are designed in multiple types and colours. Each bloon comes with various strengths and abilities.

For example, red bloons represent the weakest, and ceramic and MOAB-class bloons are much tougher. Some of the other bloons have unique properties, 

  • Camouflage (Camo Bloons) 
  • ability to regenerate health (Regrow Bloons)

How to Play Bloons TD 6

After downloading and installing Bloons TD 6, you can play it. Now, you can follow the below steps if you are a new user. 

First, you have to Start a Game. You have to select a map and try a problematic level. In maps, there are several paths and layouts. So here, you have to add variety to the gameplay. Easy, Medium, and Hard levels affect the number of waves, the cost of towers and upgrades and the strength of bloons.

  • While playing, you have to place towers. Begin by placing towers along the path where the bloons will travel. Position towers strategically to maximize their effectiveness.
  • Each tower has a range within which it can attack bloons. Consider placing towers at critical points covering multiple paths or long stretches.
  • Popping bloons generate in-game currency (cash) to purchase new towers and upgrade existing ones. Complete waves to earn more money and unlock additional upgrades.
  • Upgrade your towers to improve their abilities as you earn cash. Each tower has three upgrade paths, with a maximum of two paths that can be fully upgraded per tower. Upgrades can increase attack speed, range, and damage and add special abilities.
  • Heroes are memorable characters with unique abilities and can be placed alongside regular towers. Heroes level up automatically as the game progresses, unlocking more powerful skills.
  • Bloons come in waves, each becoming progressively more challenging. Between waves, you can place new towers, upgrade existing ones, and adjust your strategy.
  • Some towers and heroes have special abilities that can be activated manually. These abilities often have cooldown periods but can provide powerful temporary boosts or effects.

Game Modes and Challenges of Bloons TD 6

There, you can find several game modes in Bloons TD 6. Unlike the standard game modes, Bloons TD 6 offers players various challenges and special events. All these facilities provide an interesting, unique gameplay experience. In the game, you can find daily and weekly challenges, several co-op modes, and unique event maps. All these things added variety and kept the game engaging.

Tips for Bloons TD 6

  • Varied Towers- While playing the game, you can easily use a mix of tower types to handle different bloon properties and strengths. 
  • Plan Upgrades – This is a must. Upgrades allow you to grab the latest modifications. Therefore, you have to focus on upgrading essential towers. 
  • Use Heroes Wisely – You can find several heroes in the game. You can use them wisely to win the game. You have to position heroes correctly to use their abilities. This allows them to have their maximum capacity to win the game.
  • Adapt Strategy – This is important. You have to adjust your tower placements and upgrade choices. This facility is based on the types of bloons that appear in each wave.

You have to follow the guidelines and develop strategic placements and upgrades. So players can effectively defend against the waves of bloons and gaming progress via several maps and challenges in Bloons TD 6.

Features of Bloons TD 6

  • Vibrant Graphics: Colorful, cartoonish visuals.
  • Diverse Towers: Wide range of towers with unique abilities and upgrade paths.
  • Heroes: Special characters with unique skills and abilities.
  • Multiple Maps: Variety of layouts and themes.
  • Game Modes: Standard play, daily challenges, special events, and co-op multiplayer.
  • Upgrades: Three upgrade paths per tower.
  • Different Bloons: Various types with unique properties.
  • Strategic Gameplay: Emphasis on tower placement and resource management.
  • Regular Updates: New content, towers, maps, and events.
  • Community Engagement: Active forums and social media presence.

Download Bloons TD 6

Download Bloons TD 6 for your smart devices is now available. Using our official GetFreeAPKs website, you can easily download Bloons TD 6 without messing. If you have decided to download Bloons TD 6 for Android, iOS or PC, you must follow specialized steps. Let’s see how to perform them. 

As mentioned above, from our official website, you can download Bloons TD 6. For that, now you have to follow simple instructions.   

  1. Step01. As the first step,  visit the official website to start the download. You can use the app download link here. It will take you to the official site. 
  2. Step02. Now, you must tap the download button to begin the download process. This process will take several seconds. 
  3. Step03. Now, you have to enable the Unknown Sources Option. For that, open settings > device’s security settings >enable the unknown sources option. This is a must before installing apps from outside the official app store.
  4. Step04. Open your device’s download folder and tap to install the Bloons TD 6 APK file.
  5. Step05. Now tap on the “Install.” Then, wait for seconds until the installation process is complete. You’ll see the app icon on your device’s home screen at the end.

Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6 for iOS

If you are an iPhone or iPad user, try Bloons TD 6 download for your iOS. Simply visit our official site at GetFreeAPKs. Then you can easily download Bloons TD 6 latest version.

  1. Step01. First, tap on the app download link above. It takes you to the official site. 
  2. Step02. Follow the instructions on your screen to download the app using your web browser.
  3. Step03. Now, you have to wait a moment for the installation to complete.

You can see the app icon on your device’s home screen when the installation is completed.

Bloons TD 6 on PC

For mobile devices, you cannot install Bloons TD 6 for your PC. For that, you have to install a supportive Android emulator. 

  1. Step01. First, install an Android emulator on your PC.  Try NoxPlayer.
  2. Step02. Download the Bloons TD 6 APK file from our official GetFreeAPKs website. Use the link provided. Tap on app download. 
  3. Step03.  Follow the instructions on the website to download and install the game through the emulator.

Bloons TD 6 Mod APK

To get premium features for free, try Bloons TD 6 Mod APK. As we know, the original application comes with limited features. However, you can find unlimited features from the mod version, and this version supports players in winning and enjoying the game easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

01. How many types of towers are there in Bloons TD 6?

There are several tower types in Bloons TD 6, each with unique abilities and upgrade paths. The main categories include Primary, Military, Magic, and Support towers.

02. What are Heroes in Bloons TD 6?

Heroes are unique towers with powerful abilities. Each hero can level up during a game to gain more powerful abilities. Only one hero can be used at a time in each game.

03. Can I play Bloons TD 6 with friends?

Yes, Bloons TD 6 supports cooperative multiplayer, where you can team up with other players to tackle maps together.

04. Are there in-app purchases in Bloons TD 6?

While the game is not free, it includes optional in-app purchases for in-game currency, which can be used to unlock or accelerate progress on certain upgrades and features.

05. What are Monkey Knowledge Points?

Monkey Knowledge Points are a form of progression in Bloons TD 6. Players earn these points through gameplay and can spend them on permanent upgrades that affect various aspects of the game.

06. How do I save my progress in Bloons TD 6?

The game uses an auto-save feature to save your progress. You can also connect to services like Ninja Kiwi’s account system to back up and sync your game across multiple devices.

07. What’s new in the latest update?

Updates for Bloons TD 6 often include new maps, towers, heroes, and game modes. Specific details can typically be found on the game’s official website or store page where the game is purchased.

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