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April 29, 2024
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YouTube Vanced is the modified version of the official YouTube application. It’s a mod version. It will give you a better experience than the official YouTube application. So, if you want vast experience in video streaming, try Vanced. You can download the latest updated Vanced application from our GetFreeAPKs website. 

You can easily follow the app download link here. It will take you to the official site and let you easily download Vanced for Android, iOS, and PC versions. 

What is YouTube Vanced?

youtube vanced

YouTube Vanced is an exciting mod version of the official YouTube app. Third-party developers developed it. The purpose of this application is to improve the user experience on YouTube. 

It is possible to consider Vanced as the official YT app. Because of its unlimited app features, you will probably likely love it. The other important thing about this application is that this update is entirely free for you. Because of these facilities, this excellent application makes you love it. Another interesting thing about YouTube Vanced is that this beautiful application is entirely free.

Vanced has cool stuff like playing videos in the background, blocking ads, and a dark theme. You can also do things like adjust brightness and volume by swiping. Plus, you can skip sponsored parts of videos and see the like-dislike counter, which YouTube recently hid.

Let’s make it simple. We’ll talk about each cool thing in Vanced and even more stuff it can do. So, let’s dive in and check out the features of YouTube Vanced!

About YouTube Vanced APK

As previously mentioned, the Vanced application is a changed version of the standard YouTube app. You cannot get this from the Google Play or Apple APP stores. The reason is that it is the mod version of the original application. The most recommended way to download this application is our official GetFreeAPKs website. 

In summarized 

Vanced is like an upgraded version of regular YouTube for Android! It blocks ads, lets you play videos in the background, and has other cool features. Just use the Vanced Manager app to install it easily.

Vanced Music

YouTube Vanced, but for Music! It’s a simpler version but still does what you need. It blocks ads and lets you play music in the background, so you can enjoy YouTube Music without any interruptions, wherever you are.


YouTube Vanced included more interesting app features. If you want to download this excellent application, you can use these fantastic app features.

  • Background Playback: You can keep listening to videos even when you’re not watching them on the screen.
  • Ad-Blocking: This excellent built-in feature allows you to skip those annoying ads. All of them interrupt your videos.
  • PiP Mode: Here, you can watch videos in a small window, and you can do other things on your device at the same time.
  • Advanced Swipe Control: Swiping on the screen can adjust brightness and volume.
  • Skip Sponsored Parts: Easily skip sponsored video segments with multiple skipping levels.
  • Visible Like-Dislike Counter: You can see the number of likes and dislikes on videos, which YouTube recently hid.
  • True AMOLED Dark Mode: Saves battery and reduces eye strain by giving you a dark theme.
  • Auto-Repeat: Keeps your favourite songs and videos playing in a loop automatically.
  • Tablet Version Toggle: If you’re not in the new comments section or mini-player, you can switch to the tablet version, similar to the old version (though it might have some bugs).

Tips for using YouTube Vanced

  1. Check out YouTube Vanced: It’s got tremendous stuff like blocking ads, playing videos in the background, and a dark mode.
  2. Get Vanced Manager: Use this app to quickly put YouTube Vanced on your device and keep it up to date.
  3. Make it Yours: Change settings to fit what you like, like turning on or off features you want.
  4. Please stay in the Loop: Keep your Vanced fresh by updating it regularly with Vanced Manager.
  5. Learn the Tricks: Know the shortcuts and moves, like swiping to change volume and brightness.
  6. Tell Them if Something’s Wrong: If you find a problem, tell the people who make YouTube Vanced so they can fix it.
  7. Tell Your Friends: Share Vanced with your friends and family so they can enjoy it, too.
  8. Join the Club: Check out online groups for more tips from other Vanced fans. With these tips, you can enjoy watching videos with YouTube Vanced!

Benefits of using YouTube Vanced

  • Ad-Free Experience
  • Background Playback
  • AMOLED Dark Mode
  • Picture-in-Picture (PiP) Mode
  • Swipe Control
  • Auto-Repeat Feature
  • Enhanced Privacy
  • Improved User Interface
  • No YouTube Premium Subscription Required
  • Regular Updates
  • Community Suppor
  • Cross-Device Compatibility
  • Customization Options
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • User Control

Overall, Vanced offers a range of features and benefits that enhance the user experience and provide greater control over how you watch videos on YouTube.

youtube vanced apk

Download YouTube Vanced

Are you ready to download the YouTube Vanced application to your mobile devices? Then, you can use the app download link here. From our official website, you can download the newly introduced app version directly on your Android, iOS, or PC devices. 

This is the safest way to download third-party apps and mods to your mobile or PC. You cannot get this mod application from official app stores. 

You can easily follow the simple instructions below to download YouTube Vanced to your smart Android device.  

  1. Step01. First, download the YouTube Vanced APK file to your smart Android device. 
  2.  Step02. You must enable your device’s unknown sources option here as necessary. For that, open device settings > Security settings>  Then enable the unknown sources option for your device. 
  3. Step03. You have to open the downloaded YouTube Vanced file. Open the device download folder, then select the previously downloaded YouTube Vanced APK file. 
  4. Step04. Click on the app install option. Then, you have to “Agree” to continue the installation. Then, accept the application terms and conditions. Then, the installation will begin. 
  5. Step05. Wait for a few seconds.

Finally, you have done the installation. 

YouTube Vanced for iOS

The GetFreeAPKs website is the best way to download YouTube Vanced for iPhone, iPad, and other devices. To do so, you have to follow simple instructions here. Now, you can easily follow the app download link here. It will take you to the official website, where you can download the application in seconds. 

No jailbreak is needed here for your iOS to get YouTube Vanced. You can directly download the application via your web browser, which will not damage your iOS. 

To get the YouTube Vanced iOS, follow the link. Then, it will download to your iPhone or iPad using your web browser.

YouTube Vanced for PC

You can get Vanced on your computer using a particular file called the YouTube Vanced APK. This lets you play the game on your PC, making it easier to see on a big screen. To do this, you need to use a program called an emulator. You can easily install the APK file with the emulator by following simple steps. If you want to know how to do it, just follow the instructions below.

  1. Step01. As the beginning step, you must download a supportive emulator application here. You can try   BlueStacks here.  After that, you can easily open the emulator on your PC. This will look like your Android smartphone home screen.
  2. Step02. Now, you can download YouTube Vanced APK from GetFreeAPKs. Use the app download link here. It takes you to the official site. 
  3. Step03. Follow on-screen instructions to continue the installation process.  

Finally, you can install the Vanced application on your PC.

Frequently Asked Questions

01. Is YouTube Vanced available on iOS?

No, YouTube Vanced is only available for Android devices. iOS users might look for other alternatives since similar apps on iOS might not offer all the features YouTube Vanced provides​.

02. Is YouTube Vanced legal and safe to use? 

Vanced is legal to use, as it only modifies the client-side experience and doesn’t interact with YouTube’s servers in ways that violate terms of service. However, since it’s a third-party modification, users should always ensure they download from reputable sources to avoid security risks​​.

03. How do I update YouTube Vanced? 

Updates to Vanced can be managed through the Vanced Manager, which will notify users of available updates. Users need to download the latest version from a trusted source and install it over the previous one.

04. Why might YouTube Vanced not work? 

If Vanced stops working, common fixes include checking your internet connection, clearing the app’s cache, or reinstalling Vanced and MicroG. Turning off any MIUI optimizations if using Xiaomi devices can also help. If persistent problems occur, visiting the official Vanced website or forums may provide specific troubleshooting advice​​.

05. Are there any alternatives to YouTube Vanced? 

With the discontinuation of Vanced, users have migrated to alternatives like ReVanced, which continues to offer similar features. Other non-related apps like Newpipe or Skytube also offer ad-free YouTube viewing experiences on Android​.

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