Shadowrocket capture all HTTP/HTTPS/TCP traffic from any applications on your device, and redirect to the proxy server.
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Shadowrocket is a popular app that provides advanced internet privacy and security features. It’s designed to help users control and monitor their internet traffic more effectively. With this tool, users can ensure their online activities remain private and are protected from potential threats. This article will discuss what Shadow rocket is, its key features, how to use it, and where you can download it.

What is Shadowrocket?


Shadowrocket is an app that functions as a rule-based utility that allows users to manage and direct their internet traffic. It works similarly to a VPN, allowing users to tunnel internet traffic through servers worldwide. This process helps users to enhance their internet privacy by hiding their IP address and encrypting their data.

The app is designed primarily for users who need an efficient way to bypass restrictions and censorship or improve online privacy without sacrificing speed. Shadow rocket supports protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS5, and more, making it a versatile choice for different needs.


  1. Rule-Based Traffic Management: Shadow rocket allows users to create custom rules to define how different types of traffic are handled. This means you can specify which apps or websites go through the VPN and which don’t.
  2. Multi-Protocol Support: The app supports multiple protocols, efficiently handling a wide range of internet traffic types.
  3. Data Encryption: All traffic that passes through this is encrypted, providing an additional layer of security to prevent data theft or spying.
  4. Local DNS Mapping: Users can modify DNS settings locally, which helps in faster browsing and overcoming geographical restrictions.
  5. User-Friendly Interface: Despite its advanced features, Shadow rocket has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate for beginners.

How to Download Shadowrocket

Using Shadow rocket involves a few simple steps:

  1. Download and Install: First, download and install the Shadow rocket app from a reliable source. You can get the app by visiting
  2. Setup Configuration: Once installed, open the app and set up the necessary configurations according to your needs. This may include setting up rules for handling different types of traffic.
  3. Connect to a Server: Choose a server location from the list available in the app. Connecting to a server is typically straightforward—just a tap on the desired server.
  4. Browse Securely: After connecting, all your internet traffic will be routed through the chosen server. You can now browse the internet securely and privately.

Shadowrocket iOS for iPhone and iPad

This is a versatile app designed for iOS users who want to enhance their internet experience. It’s available for download on iOS versions 12.5.7, 15, 16, and the latest iOS 17. This app allows you to manage how you connect to the internet with advanced settings that can be customized to suit your needs. Whether you want to improve your online security or access different networks easily, Shadowrocket iOS has the necessary tools.

Shadowrocket for iPod touch

You are introducing Shadowrocket for iPod touch, a powerful tool to enhance your online experience. This app lets you capture all HTTP/HTTPS/TCP traffic from any of your applications and redirect it to a proxy server. Doing so helps you manage your internet usage more efficiently, ensuring your data remains secure and private. Whether browsing, streaming, or using apps, Shadow rocket for iPod touch keeps you in control of your internet connection, enhancing security without compromising speed.

Shadowrocket for Apple TV

This is now available for Apple TV, expanding its versatile proxy utility to your living room. This powerful tool captures all HTTP/HTTPS/TCP traffic from various applications on your device, efficiently redirecting it through a proxy server. This feature ensures that users can easily manage and secure their network traffic. Whether streaming your favourite shows or accessing content from across the globe, Shadowrocket for Apple TV enhances your experience by providing privacy and performance. It’s a straightforward setup that promises a more secure and customizable viewing experience on your Apple TV. 

Shadowrocket for Apple Vision Pro

If you’re using Shadowrocket on Apple Vision Pro, you’ll enjoy a truly seamless experience. This powerful tool lets you capture all HTTP/HTTPS/TCP traffic from any application on your device and redirect it to a proxy server. Whether browsing, streaming, or engaging in any online activity, Shadow rocket ensures your internet connection is secure and private. The best part? You can navigate Shadow rocket simply by using your eyes, hands, and voice, making it incredibly user-friendly and accessible. This integration enhances your device’s capabilities, giving you control and security at the tip of your tongue and in the blink of an eye.

Shadowrocket macOS

If you want to enhance your internet experience on your macOS, This is a great tool to consider. It’s fully compatible with macOS Monterey, Ventura, and the latest Sonoma, providing a versatile and efficient way to manage your network traffic. Shadow rocket offers advanced features that cater to both beginner and advanced users, aiming to optimize your online security and performance. You can download the appropriate Shadow rocket version for your macOS system right here. It requires macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with an Apple M1 chip or later.

Shadowrocket Windows

This is now available for Windows users! If you’re using Windows 8, Windows 10, or Windows 11, you can easily download and install Shadowrocket Windows from our website. This powerful tool allows you to manage and secure internet traffic with advanced filtering and proxy capabilities. It’s perfect for those wanting to enhance their online privacy or access network resources efficiently. So, whether you’re at home or work, Shadow rocket provides a reliable and user-friendly solution for your Windows device.

Shadowrocket VPN

Shadowrocket VPN is a powerful tool to keep your online activities secure and private. It works by routing your internet connection through servers worldwide, which hides your IP address and encrypts your data. No one can easily see what you’re doing online or steal your personal information. This is easy to use and can be set up quickly on your device. It’s beneficial for bypassing internet restrictions, making it an excellent choice for accessing content that might be blocked in your area.

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Why Use Shadowrocket?

  • Privacy and Security

The internet is only sometimes a safe place. Numerous threats exist, from hackers trying to steal your data to companies tracking your online activities. Shadow rocket provides a robust solution to these problems by encrypting your internet traffic and hiding your IP address.

  • Bypass Restrictions

Many regions and institutions implement internet restrictions that can prevent access to specific websites and services. Shadowrocket helps users bypass these restrictions, allowing them to access the internet freely and without limitations.

  • Speed and Reliability

Unlike VPN services that can slow down your internet connection, This is designed to balance security and speed. This makes it ideal for activities that require a stable and fast internet connection, such as streaming and gaming.

Frequently Asked Questions

01. How does Shadowrocket work?

Shadow rocket intercepts your device’s internet traffic and routes it through a proxy server based on predefined rules. This process helps to manage network requests, block ads, and bypass geo-restrictions.

02. Is Shadowrocket available for Android devices?

This is primarily designed for iOS devices. Android users might need to look for alternative apps that offer similar functionalities.

03. Do I need to jailbreak my device to use Shadowrocket?

No, you do not need to jailbreak your device to use Shadowrocket. It is available for download on the App Store, though it requires a configuration profile to set up the proxy settings.

04. What types of proxies does Shadowrocket support?

Shadow rocket supports various proxy protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS5, and Shadowsocks.

05. Can Shadowrocket improve my internet speed?

Shadowrocket does not increase internet speed; blocking unnecessary ads and reducing the data load may result in a faster browsing experience.

06. Is it legal to use Shadowrocket?

The legality of using Shadowrocket depends on your country’s laws regarding VPNs and proxy servers. Using such tools for privacy and security is usually legal, but it’s best to consult local regulations.

07. How can I troubleshoot issues with Shadowrocket?

 For troubleshooting, ensure your proxy settings are correct, check if the server is online, and review the configured rules in Shadowrocket. Restarting the app or your device can also resolve many issues.

08. How do you set up Shadowrocket on an iPhone?

To set up Shadow rocket on an iPhone, you must purchase and download the app from the App Store. After installation, you can configure your device to work with the app by setting up proxy servers and defining rules for routing your Internet traffic.

09. Can Shadowrocket be used on a PC?

Yes, Shadow rocket can be used on a PC but requires an Android emulator. This setup allows you to enjoy features similar to the mobile version, including privacy enhancements and access to blocked websites.

10. How does Shadowrocket handle security?

Shadow rocket includes several security measures, such as encryption, data loss protection, and a network-segregated VPN service. It also has a dedicated security team monitoring all network traffic to protect against threats like phishing.


This is an excellent tool for anyone looking to enhance their internet security and privacy. Its ability to manage traffic based on rules, support for multiple protocols, and ease of use make it a top choice for users worldwide. If you’re interested in downloading Shadowrocket, visit to get started. Whether you want to protect your online privacy or bypass internet restrictions, Shadow rocket has you covered.

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How to install Shadowrocket APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Shadowrocket APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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