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Ethereal Fantasy RPG
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May 13, 2024
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iOS 12, and Android 8 or later.
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Are you ready to download AFK Journey to your smartphone? Then you are in the right place. Now, we have upgraded with new gaming apps, including AFK Journey. This is an exciting gaming app that you should try. Finally, the latest AFK Journey version was updated, and you can use the newly introduced app version in seconds. To do so, you have to follow simple instructions here.     

Navigating the app download link, you can quickly get access to the GetFreeAPKS website. After that, it is possible to get direct access to the AFK Journey apk file, and then you can continue the app installation.   

What is AFK Journey?

afk journey mod apk

AFK Journey is a free fantasy game where you control different heroes with special powers as they travel through Esperia. It’s like games such as Genshin Impact. You can use codes to get extra in-game money and gems to help you start your adventure.

About AFK Journey APK

AFK Journey is a gaming strategy where you set your character to do tasks independently so you can step away from the keyboard (AFK) and still move forward in the game. This is common in games where you can automate things like gathering resources or doing repetitive tasks.

In certain games, players can create plans to make the most of their AFK time, ensuring they progress efficiently even when not playing. These plans usually involve setting up automatic systems or using game features to keep moving forward without needing the player to do anything.

AFK Journey is commonly found in games with idle mechanics or incremental gameplay, where progress continues even when players aren’t playing. Using these mechanics, players can keep moving forward in the game, even if they’re not actively playing, and steadily progress over time.

Features of AFK Journey

You can easily find several key features in this beautiful game. Those are, 

  • Idle Progression- The game continues progressing even when the player is not actively playing, with characters automatically fighting battles or completing tasks.
  • Team Management- Players assemble teams of characters or units with different abilities and strengths to optimize their automated gameplay.
  • Gathering Resource- Automatic systems collect resources or money as time passes. You can use these to improve your characters, gear, or other parts of the game.
  • Upgrades and Progression- Players make their characters better, unlock new abilities, and move forward in the game by earning experience points or reaching goals.
  • Social Features- In some AFK Journey games, you can play with others by joining guilds or competing in tournaments and events against other players.

Active AFK Journey Codes 2024

Remember to use these AFK Journey codes before they expire! They can give you currency useful for getting items like invitation letters, signatures, and challenge tickets in the arena.

  • LILITH11AFKJ (Invitation Letters x11)
  • AFKJRUBBERROSS (300 Diamonds, 50k Gold)
  • AFKJLUDWIG (300 Diamonds, 50k Gold)
  • AFKJLILYPICHU (300 Diamonds, 50k Gold)
  • AFKJBARRY (100 Diamonds, 20k Gold)
  • AFKJVOLKIN (100 Diamonds, 20k Gold)
  • AFKJMTASHED (100 Diamonds, 20k Gold)
  • AFKJZEEEBO (100 Diamonds, 20k Gold)
  • AFKJCREATIONFEST (200 Diamonds, 50k Gold)
  • AFKJUPDATE (100 Diamonds, 20k Gold)

How to Redeem AFK Journey Codes?

  • Once you open the AFK Journey start screen, head to the Settings cog wheel.
  • Select the Others tab.
  • Select the Redeem Code and enter the code. Once you finish writing it, click the checkmark button for your rewards.

How to download and install the AFK Journey APK?

You can easily download the AFK Journey APK file on your phone. Not only that, the app install process is also simple and easy. Whether you have an Android or iOS device, you can download it directly through the web browser without any hassle. Navigate to our official website as the starting step, and fromGetFree APKs, you can grab the direct link. No need to jailbreak or root your phone. Just click the link and start playing!

The newest update for 2024 for AFK Journey APK is now available. You can quickly try this excellent process using your Android or iOS device. And the best part is, downloading it is super easy. Let’s follow the steps to get it on your phone without trouble.

You can quickly get the AFK Journey APK file if you are an Android user. For that, you only have to follow simple instructions. Follow the steps below to download and install the AFK Journey APK on your device. 

Let’s see how to download and install AFK Journey APK on your Android device:

  1. Step01. As the beginning step, you have to follow the provided link. It will take you to the website. After that, you can easily download the application. 
  2. Step02. To start downloading the apk file, you have to tap the download button. This will take a few seconds. After that, the downloaded file will be saved in your device’s download folder. 
  3. Step03. As necessary, you have to enable the device’s unknown sources option. To do so, you must open the settings > security settings > enable unknown sources option.  Then, you can easily enable the unknown sources option. 
  4. Step04. Open your device’s download folder. Tap on the downloaded AFK Journey APK file. Open it. 
  5. Step05. Then tap the “Install” option and wait several seconds. At the end, you will see the app icon on your device’s home screen. It means you have completed the app installation. 

AFK Journey APK  for iOS

If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, you can quickly get AFK Journey APK from our official site. Just head over to GetFreeAPKs and download the latest version.

To download the AFK Journey APK for iOS, click the link above. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to download the app through your web browser. Once the download is complete, wait for the installation to finish.

AFK Journey APK for PC

The option is also available if you want AFK Journey APK for PC. Using the link above, you can easily install AFK Journey APK on your PC. Visit GreFreeAPKs official site. There, you can see all the details about the application. Tap on the link above. Follow the instructions, and then you can easily download the AFK Journey APK file in seconds. Download and install the game through the web browser. 

This method works on Windows versions. So, if you are a Windows user, it supports Windows 7, 8, and up to Windows 11. 

afk journey mod apk

Tips for AFK Journey 

When you play AFK Journey, you must follow some essential tips. Let’s see some of the highlights.

  • Plan Your Progression – You must plan your goals for the gameplay. You have to set goals, and then you can easily reach levels to acquire specific items and focus on achieving them gradually.
  • Optimize Your Team – Pick heroes that work well together to make a strong team. Try out different mixes to see what fits your play style best.
  • Upgrade Your Heroes – Level up your heroes and give them the best gear to strengthen them in battles.
  • Manage Resources Wisely – Spend your in-game money on essential items and upgrades that help you most progress.
  • Participate in Events – Join special events and challenges to get extra rewards and move forward faster.
  • Join a Guild or Community – Joining a guild gives you extra benefits like unique content, bonuses, and help from other players.
  • Use Automation Strategically- Use automated systems to do routine tasks and gather resources so that you can focus on more critical parts of the game.
  • Stay Informed – Watch for updates and new content to stay ahead and make the most of any changes or additions to the game.
  • Balance Active and AFK Play – Even though AFK Journey games are for passive play, check in regularly to make adjustments, collect rewards, and keep your progress on track.
  • Have Fun – Have fun playing the game at your speed. Don’t rush or feel like you have to keep up with others. Take breaks when you need to, and enjoy exploring AFK Journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

01. How do I start playing AFK Journey?

To start playing, download the app from your respective app store, create an account, and follow the tutorial to learn the basics of gameplay and hero management.

02. Can I play AFK Journey without an internet connection?

An internet connection is required to play AFK Journey, as your game data needs to sync with the server to track your progress and rewards.

03. How does the AFK mechanic work?

In AFK Journey, your heroes continue to battle and collect rewards even when you’re not actively playing. Once you log back in, you can claim the rewards accumulated during your absence.

04. How can I obtain new heroes?

New heroes can be obtained through the game’s summoning feature, which requires summoning scrolls or diamonds (in-game currency). You can earn these through gameplay or purchase them as in-app transactions.

05. What are the ways to improve my heroes?

Heroes can be improved by levelling up, upgrading their skills, and equipping them with better gear. You can also increase their power through ascension, combining duplicate heroes.

06. Is there a competitive element in the game?

Yes, AFK Journey includes PvP (Player vs Player) arenas where you can battle against other players’ teams to earn rankings and rewards.

07. How often are new updates or events?

The developers regularly introduce new updates and events to enhance the gameplay experience. These can include new heroes, quests, and special limited-time events.

08. Where can I find support if I encounter issues?

If you encounter any issues or have further questions, contact the support team through the game’s settings menu or visit the official AFK Journey website and access the support portal.

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